About us

Our mission is to bring air mobility to urban centers and beyond.
We design and manage vertiports, the infrastructure for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). A new form of safe, sustainable and integrated mobility.
  • We create innovative and alternative methods to move around cities, which are faster and non-polluting.
  • We were born zero-emission and we help bring the air transport industry towards the goal of decarbonization.
  • We integrate into urban transport to help decongest traffic in our cities.
  • We are committed to making this form of mobility increasingly efficient and affordable for everyone.

We work to contribute to the future of our cities, making them safer and more sustainable, improving the quality of life of the urban centers that host us.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) refers to a new form of air mobility, typically carried out with vertical take-off and landing vehicles with electric or hybrid propulsion, used to transport people and goods over short distances up to approximately 200 km.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) can be understood as a sub-category of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), focused in particular on the urban dimension, with the aim of connecting key hubs within our cities with this new form of advanced mobility.


eVTOL stands for electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing. It is the acronym commonly used to define new-concept vehicles, which use electric propulsion to take off and land vertically, moving on routes typically of tens or hundreds of km. The eVTOLs certified by the European aeronautical authorities will guarantee the same safety levels as traditional aircrafts. The eVTOL sector is a rapidly growing and developing sector: in 2021 alone, the main companies in the world active in the industrialization of these vehicles raised private capital of over $ 5bn.


Vertiports are the ground infrastructure of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), the equivalent of what airports and heliports are for traditional civil aviation. This infrastructure is typically much smaller than that of an airport, developed near important transport hubs (e.g. airports, stations) or even in other key points of our cities, to allow passengers to embark and disembark from eVTOLs that will transport them from one point of the urban network to another. Vertiports will also be the place where eVTOLs will undergo cleaning, maintenance and battery recharging. They are the primary focus of UrbanV.

Our values


Safety is the value that guides our every action. We rely only on certified partners and leading global builders/constructors.


For us, sustainability means:
zero CO2 emissions, maximum noise reduction and integration with the urban mobility system.


Innovation is our essence, in a path of continuous evolution and renewal.


Our ambition is that Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is inclusive and accessible to all.


We promote the collaboration of all stakeholders to make Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) a reality in our cities. Only a joint commitment of industry, institutions, associations and regulatory bodies can transform this vision into reality.


We want to be a global player that is always attentive and ready to dialogue with local communities.

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