Preparing for eVTOL takeoff – Vertical Mag

How legacy airports are getting ready for the arrival of air taxis. As you read this, plans for vertiports at airports are being finalized all over the world and construction on many will start soon. The issues surrounding vertiports at airports was a panel topic at the AIRTAXI World Congress in October 2023. There is […]

ITA Airways, Airbus, UrbanV and Enel partner to develop Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem in Italy

Rome, 31 January 2024 – ITA Airways, Airbus, UrbanV and Enel are partnering to promote and develop the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem in Italy. The collaboration aims to promote this new disruptive technology and the development of a sustainable transportation solution with the commitment and cooperation of the national mobility stakeholders.  This partnership expands on the initial Memorandum of […]