Taking off into the future of air travel

Our CEO, Carlo Tursi, wrote an editorial on International Airport Review regarding Italy’s pioneering approach to Advanced Air Mobility. Indeed, thanks to a partnership between Aeroporti di RomaAtlantia and Volocopter GmbH, supported by ENAC – Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile, Rome will be one of the first European capitals to activate #AAM routes between #Fiumicino airport and the city centre, by 2024.
In this context, UrbanV focuses on studying, designing, building and managing #vertiports – the essential infrastructure for #eVTOLs to connect airports with city areas – to make sure that all the new advanced air mobility aircraft that will be certified in the coming years will be accommodated. 
“Our goal is to make sure vertiports will be fully integrated in the transport ecosystem of the cities where they are built, enhancing multimodality and accessibility in urban and regional areas,” Tursi wrote.


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